Representations in the Media Essay

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The group in society I have decided to focus on for this internal are teenage girls/young women and how they are represented as sexualised/beautified to market a product to a viewer. Also how they are shown as promiscuous, beauty driven people who are obsessed with achieving physical “perfection” based on their favourite celebrities throughout the media.

The three media texts I have chosen that I think best portray the idea of teenage girls and how they strive to be physically perfect are; the film ‘The House Bunny’ , the television show ‘Gossip Girl’ and the magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’. (Mainly the cover)

My first example is the television series ‘Gossip Girl’

The first image is a photo from the March 2011 Cosmopolitan magazine of
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The plainness of her dress creates a clean, fresh natural beauty that is simple but difficult to imitate for the viewer.

This second still (screenshot from episode) is of Leighton Meester portraying her character of Blair Waldorf in the same television series. Blair (compared to Serena) is shown in a completely different scenario (running through the street contrasted to Serena at a photoshot) She is shown wearing a tiara and a long, attractive white wedding dress. The tiara shows connotations of superiority and self importance which suggests that Blair is a high achiever, it shows high position of popularity and social status at her school, and suggests like she relies on her looks to get her through school/life. By using stereotypes like crowns and tiaras, and using it widely throughout many forms of media, it compels teenage girls into becoming like the stereotype. This has importance on specific demographic groups, in this case teenage girls that have relatable desires and morals, so it can be easier to market products to them. For example in the picture of Serena above, it shows her wearing a tight white dress which makes her look desirable (which most girls want) and so they buy it, so when there is only one image of what a target group should be and act like, they are a lot easier to market to. In the image Blair is a tall, beautiful women who is wearing an attractive white gown. This appears to

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