Essay on Representation Of Casting For Stella Kowalski

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1. In terms of casting for Stella Kowalski, the actress would have to be young and gentle looking. She would also most likely be of average beauty. In the play Stella is described as, “…a gentle young woman, about twenty-five, and of a background obviously quite different from her husband” (1778). This meaning that her husband is rough looking while Stella is delicate and small. Another example of Stella being slightly delicate is how Blanche refers to her. Blanche calls her a “precious lamb” (1781). Even though the name is endearing, it is a term most commonly used when speaking to small children or to babies as a lamb is very small and very delicate. The actress would also have to have a “radiant smile” (1784). So the actress would need to be young, gentle looking and is delicate in figure and in the way she presents her lines to the audience.
2. Stella’s reactions to Stanley:
• When Stanley yells up to Stella, she responds “Mildly” (1778)
• When Stanley throws the package up to Stella, she “cries out it protest but manages to catch it: then she laughs breathlessly” (1778)
• Stella is always eager to be with Stanley like asking to go watch him bowl (1778)
• Stella is protective of Stanley when Blanche asks, “Will it be decent?” (1783) and Stella responds, “Stanley is Polish, you know.” (1783)
• “She jumps up and kisses him” (1788).
• Stella tries to be commanding; “You come out with me while Blanche is getting dressed” (1790).
• Stella is the submissive partner, “Stanley…

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