Reporting Practices And Ethics Go Hand Like Water And Photosynthesis

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Thomas Gordon
Ethics and Reporting
January 28, 2016
Healthcare Finance Accounting

Reporting practices and ethics go hand, like water and photosynthesis. It’s very important that in healthcare financial accounting that you know your knowledge on the correct reporting process and the ethics that go along with the business. While medical care is our paramount concern when visiting a medical hospital, facility, and/or clinic, it’s also very important to receive ethical and tremendously fair treatment from their staff and physicians. The accounting side of healthcare is specifically responsible for billing and coding. The services and products that were used or provided for the medical treatment that one might have received during the visit, are what’s usually billed. Making them very responsible when coding and reporting these things to make sure what was offered was actually used or taken. Ethical standards are very strict to ensure everyone is being cared for fairly with the upmost regard. Learning from possible mistakes can quickly identify new boundaries and standards and it is ever growing especially with healthcare. It shows the values, the more ethics, and the integrity into focus provided to the patients. When it comes to financial management there are four key elements or objectives: planning, controlling, organizing, and decision making or processing. The first element planning is highly the most important stages because at this point the…

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