Repercussions Of Terrorism

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Moreover, the United Nations has gone on to address the various ways in which terrorism may derive from. In United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/Res/51/210, the development of terrorist groups, both international and domestic, was highlighted as a major aspect of terrorism, as well as an acts of terrors committed. Within Resolution A/Res/51/210 a multitude of measures were called for in order to combat the increasingly fatal repercussions of terrorism. These measures included a recommendation to increase specifically relevant security “officials to improve the capability of Government, prevent, investigate, and respond to terrorist acts”, the call “to accelerate research and development regarding methods of detection of explosives and other harmful substances that cause death or injury”, and on a case by case method to develop “bilateral and multilateral agreements and arrangements, mutual legal assistance procedures aimed at facilitating and speeding investigations and collecting evidence” (A/Res/51/210). Ultimately, the United Nations, through the adoption of various resolutions and the involvement in councils, has presented a plan of attack in addressing terrorism on both a global and domestic scale. Essentially, that plan of action may be defined as attempting to curb the acts of terror by eliminating the preparation as well as …show more content…
The United Nations has established the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime in which they’ve stated that the global illicit trade involved “the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws” (UNODC). The United Nation has determined that although all nations have become transit countries for various illegal substances bound for main consumer markets in developed nations, the two largest supplying nations are the Mexico and Colombia, being bound specifically for North

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