Essay on Reparations for Native Americans

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Collin Brooke
Term paper
Native American Reparations: Pro or Con?
The subject of paying some sort of reparations to Native Americans is a hot topic, and views range from the popular Fox News commentator Glen Beck who is very against reparations to the University of Colorado former Professor, Ward Churchill who is for reparations. President Obama himself has also put of his input on the topic with speeches both during the Presidential campaign and after his Inauguration. This paper seeks to present both sides of the argument and conclude with my own views of this issue.
“It has been said that America will never be right until they right themselves with the American Indian. America must now seize this historic opportunity to
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Who would sit in judgment, and in a fair and even-handed way hand out “reparations”?
To add fuel to the fire against reparations, Glen Beck said on Fox News:
“We're not just talking about a few casino licenses and free health care. What I discovered is that this Obama policy that the president so shamelessly pushed on the day of the Ft. Hood killings is actually part of Van Jones'(Obama advisor) "passionate plans for Native Americans." Back in February, the former Green jobs Obama appointee, said this about Native Americans: "Give them the wealth! Give them the respect that they deserve!" So there you have it. Van Jones, who worked in the White House for like a week, is still firmly in control of Obama's policy, particularly when it comes to Native Americans. The next thing you know Obama will be talking about reparations for slavery too.”
The main theme of the argument again reparations for Native Americans is that it is just not possible and it does not make rational sense. American society simply is not going to uproot and magically turn back time, and it really shouldn't even be expected of us. There are only so many ways in which our generation, and our parents' generation for that matter, can adequately compensate for the mistakes of our ancestors.

Modern Native Americans must be recognized in relation to modern society. It is not the fault of Americans alive today that the land was colonized - the mistakes of our ancestors are in

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