Renewable Resources For Renewable Energy Essay

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Renewable energy is when a never-ending natural resource is used to generate energy; these natural resources recreate themselves and are not at the risk of extinction. The examples of renewable energy are sunlight, wind power, geothermal heat and etc. On the other hand, there are non-renewable energy that is generated from fossil remains such as coal, oil and etc. The remains of animals and plants are decomposed for millions of year to form fossil fuels. Today, most countries on this planet use non-renewable sources to produce electricity, run cars, run machinery in industries and etc. It is possible to stop the extinction of fossil fuels and maintain eco friendly environment if we use renewable resources for energy instead of nonrenewable resources.

Fossil fuels used to generate electricity are not only harmful for our environment but is also causing coal, oil and other fossil fuels to go extinct. Fossil fuels are finite so if once the supply comes close to an end the demand with rise, which will hike the price. The transition of energy from one fossil fuel to the other has taken more that half a century. According to Sills (2014), the span of about 20 years from 1990 to 2012 the energy produced from fossil fuels only dropped by 1% in United States and in 2011 the energy produced by renewable energies was only 10%. Therefore, the transition of energy is not only an easy process but also time consuming. The major effect extracting energy from fossil fuels is polluting…

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