Renewable Energy Is A Great Invention Because It Is Cheaper And More Environment Friendly Than Oil

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Renewable Energy

By: Amr Farouk
Teacher: Mirna Tayara

Thesis Statement:
Renewable energy is a great invention because it is cheaper and more environment-friendly than oil.
• Introduction
1. Renewable energy’s most important advantage
2. People’s most common misconception about renewable energy
3. Non-renewable energy’s most important disadvantages
• Kinds of renewable energy
1. Solar energy
2. Hydroelectric energy
3. Tidal energy
4. Hydro kinetic energy
5. Biomass energy
6. Nuclear energy
• Advantages of renewable energy
1. Renewable energy doesn’t deplete
2. The effect of renewable energy on the environment
3. The economic effect of renewable energy
• Disadvantages of renewable energy
1. Disadvantages of energy
2. Renewable energy is weak
3. Renewable energy depends on the weather
4. Each type of renewable energy has a flaw
• The Future of Renewable Energy
1. The future of the environment lies in the hands of our energy choices
2. Obama’s quote which implies a new dawn free of pollutants
3. The use of renewable energy increases around the world
• Conclusion
Renewable energy is a great invention because it is cheaper and more environment friendly than non-renewable energy. It is the dawn of a new age with less pollutants and healthy for our new generation. There are many people that may say that renewable energy is unstable because it depends on the weather. This may be true, but there are many sources of renewable energy such as solar energy,…

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