Renewable Energy And Energy Resources

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When assessing my own energy usage I found that my home uses propane to heat and cook, and electricity for lights and the water heater. When I am at work we use electricity only, since we do not have a kitchen and our heating is an electric furnace as well as the water heater. When I am traveling to and from work I use gasoline in the car to assist on my journey. However, my area does have another form of travel which is the MARC train. The MARC train uses electricity when traveling to and from the different train stations. All five of these energy usages are technically considered nonrenewable energy resources. There are two other renewable energy resources in my area that is used. The first renewable resource is that some homes in my community use a wood burning fire place. The last renewable resource that my neighborhood does get some energy benefits comes from the Conowingo Dam. In my area, fifty percent of the homes electricity usage is powered by the Harford Waste to Energy plant facility, and this is a renewable resource plant (“Waste to energy,” 1997). Another renewable resource that Harford County gets some of its energy source from is the Conowingo Dam. The Conowingo Dam is a renewable energy resource because it uses the water currents to produce energy and has helped eliminate greenhouse gasses. Over ten years the amount of greenhouse gas that was eliminated is equaled to 1.2 million cars off the road (“Support the Conowingo dam,” n.d.). Wind farms

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