Renaissance And Era During The Renaissance Era Essay

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Renaissance Art and Era
The Renaissance era began in Italy, however the time period that it began and ended in are highly debatable. Historians have an estimate that it lasted about 200 to 400 years, and either lasted between 1400 and 1600 or 1300 and 1700. The Renaissance era was heavily influenced by ancient Greece and Rome. Many new philosophies were developed during this time and many old philosophies aided this era in developing over time. The modern age was preceded by the Renaissance era.
During the Renaissance Era the art shifted to a humanistic view. Humanism is the belief that man is bigger, in a spiritual way, in the universe than they actually are; the importance of man is emphasized. Therefore the artists made people the focus of their work. Some of the artists that have truly shown this are; Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, And Raffaele Sanzio. There are also a few pieces of art that have enraptured the essences of this time period: The Statue of David, The Last Supper painting, the Mona Lisa portrait, and the Creation of Adam mural.
Leonardo da Vinci was another very influential and multi-talented Renaissance artist. He studied several different forms of art such as: painting, sculpting, engineering, music, and writing. He is considered the most diversely talented artist because of this. (Leonardo) Da Vinci created the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.
Michelangelo was another influential artist of his time. He sculpted the statues Pieta and David, some of his…

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