Religion 's Impact On Politics Essay

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Religion’s Impact on Politics

Throughout history, religion has played many roles in the political decisions of the American government; even more recently, religion has influenced major aspects of politics in the United States. Though it is a law that Church and State stay separated, that is not always the case; sometimes, religion has more influence in political decisions than the average American is made aware of. In contrast, most political decisions, like those made in Congress, can be found to be supported or opposed by partisans of both the Republican and Democratic parties. As for the founding years of the American government the political leaders were hesitant to even include religion in the Constitution, save for Article Six that states “ religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States” (National Archives and Records Administration). Because of Article Six the founding fathers limited the role that religion would play in the future of America. But in recent years of the American government there has been an influx in political decisions based on religion and moral.


In the early years of the American government religion was a controversial topic with each state expressing different religious views in their constitutions. Within each state the topic of religion in their constitution caused drawn out debates, some lasting years. An example is Massachusetts, the state that had the…

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