Religion Is An Old Age Question Essays

1250 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
It is an old age question that seems utterly inexplicable: what is religion? Although this question infinitely varies depending on the person, one often feels very strongly on this subject. Whether an Atheist, Buddhist, Jew, Hindu, Mormon, or Christian, there is much to be said on beliefs and how one goes about living life strictly based on those vary beliefs. My beliefs, however, do not urge me to answer the question regarding what a religion in itself is, but rather what justifies religion. There is so much that goes into religion that it is difficult to come up with a definite conclusion given that the entire idea of religion is subjective. There are plenty of contradictions, ambiguities, and theories that make up each and every religion. How can we know which belief is correct? Intellectuals suggest that to be part of a religion, you have to follow the rules given by whatever Holy Scripture that religion holds. If this is true, then why are there even any Christians to begin with? Why is there such a difference between Christians and Jews? Or Christians and people of almost any other previously stated faith, for that matter? This all ties into one main similarity with most of the discussed religions: the idea of an afterlife. For Judaism, there are plenty of laws stated in their scripture that should be followed in order for “access” into heaven. One of these procedures is a cleanliness ritual where “it is forbidden to eat the flesh of impure animals, the most…

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