Religion In The Story Of Akhenaten

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some of these empires, but some of the events throughout history were driven by religion. One great example of this is the crusades. No matter where you look in history, you will find a form of religion at play. In the case of ancient Egypt, religion has played a significant role in the cultural aspect of their day to day lives (Van de Mieroop). It influenced many different parts of their lives, from the way they viewed their king all the way up to the process of burial and mummification. Traditionally, Egypt has always viewed religion from a polytheistic perspective. There were many different gods who all represented something different and it has been that way for the most part. But what happens when someone makes an attempt to change all of that? The story of Akhenaten is a rather interesting one. Akhenaten, who was one of the rulers of Egypt during the 18th dynasty (Van de Mieroop), has drawn up a great deal of controversy within the community of Egyptologists. The reason for all of the controversy is the fact that Akhenaten made a great attempt to essentially restructure the complete format of religion in Ancient Egypt. In order to understand the reasoning behind why he made this attempt, it’s important to understand a little more about Akhenaten himself. Akhenaten was not born as Akhenaten, but he changed his …show more content…
The original capital before he relocated it was located in Thebes (Kemp). This new capital was located in, what is now known as, Amarna (Van de Mieroop). Eventually, he decided to name the new capital Akhetaten, which translates to “the Horizon of Aten”. Eventually, years after his death, the then-rulers of Egypt made an attempt to essentially remove Akhenaten from history. This included ruining his temple, moving the capital once more, and ruining the capital that he built. Many were not happy with what Akhenaten made an attempt to

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