Essay Religion And The United States

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Around the 1600’s, the first European settlers immigrated to east coast of the United States escaping religious persecution. They believed the state and church should be separated yet, they should still be able to work together to protect and support their Puritan beliefs. However, as more immigration occurred over the next decades, conflicts among religious beliefs started to emerge thus creating state boundaries where each religious group could practice in peace without conflict with each other. Nonetheless, morals and laws were developed around religious beliefs. With increasing rate of immigration to the New World, different religions started to spread to west. After the American revolution, the founding fathers did not want conflicts religion caused in England and Europe thus formally separating the church and state. However, religion still played an important role as separation of church and state meant freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Since the formation of the United States, religion has been hand in hand with politics, subtly influencing government. From Puritan times to this day, Americans believe in manifest destiny and American exceptionalism. Before the Constitution Religious, governmental officials were appointed after they passed some sort of religious test and attending church was mandatory. Although the United States no longer holds such religious laws into place, religion manifests itself in different ways. “The nation is recognized as a…

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