Religion And Religion Essay example

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James Beckford main topic was is the constructing of religion. He talks about religion organizations, theorizing, and the rules of religion, chaplaincies and diversity. Under the section “ Religion organizations” in paragraph one Beckford says “the other of the coin, of course, is to consider how far ostensibly non-religion organization display characteristics that are widely associated with the with the sacred and religion.” The organization or anything that have to deal with religion it must have two thing one being that is something connected to being holy and the other is that it is related to religion. Beckford had a functional and structural function theories.

James Beckford is a British sociologist of religion. He work as a professor at University of Warwick. He writes about sociology of religion and he wrote books and articles on new the religious movements and civilization 's reactions to them. In his early career he founded the British Sociological Association 's Study Group for the Sociology of Religion and was the chairman for some years. Later on in his career he join and became president of other groups and movements. I can relate his story to my own. When I was in high school there was so religious reading in my English class and after were I said to question them so I can leave more about the reading. I went to my church and question my pastor all the thing that I learn to have a better understanding of where it came from and where it started. Charles…

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