Religion And Its Impact On Society Essay

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As of today approximately ninety percent of people all over the world claim to practice a certain religion, and well more than twenty religions exist ("How Many Religions Are There in the World”). Though people view religion as a way to boost morals; ironically, it is actually a root for many current problems. As defined by Merriam Webster, a monster is a “threatening force,” and strictly following a religion can definitely be a monster of society. Ways religion is a threatening force is by separating society as a whole, and creating an atmosphere of hate. Despite the positive impacts of having a faith, many bad outcomes have been a result. Undoubtedly, religion separates us as a human-race and at times it can seem like another form of racial discrimination, even though most see religion as a way of unity and acceptance. Some people look down on others just because of their religious beliefs, and even in some cases people are bullied of due to their faith. I have witnessed discrimination from my friend, childhood, and common statements about Muslims.
For example, I personally know of a Christian who immediately came to a judgement on a guy because he is a Jehovah 's witness. Whenever my associate speaks of him, he is given the nickname Jehovah’s Don. Although my companion had a bad first impression of him based on his religion, she came to like him when finally looking past his religious beliefs. Comparatively in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the monster is immediately…

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