Religion And Faith Based Organizations Essay

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Religion in philanthropy and faith-based organizations have been frequently discussed in academic literature and research. Through this literature review, I will discuss the research on both.
All major religions emphasize generosity to those in need. In Christianity, believers are called to love their neighbors (Seelarbokus, 2016). In Islam, there are the concepts of the zakat and sadaqua to care for those in need (Lambarra & Riener, 2015). Judaism stresses the importance of tithing to provide for the poor (Seelarbokus, 2016). With religion playing a critical role for many individuals, it is no surprise that around half of all philanthropic giving goes to religious organizations (Seelarbokus, 2016). Research has shown that donors who are active in religious groups are also more likely to give at higher levels (Seelarbokus, 2016). Recent research also shows that religious beliefs influence donation practices, and therefore can be a predictor of philanthropic practice (Abreu, Laureano, Silva, & Dionisio, 2015). Religious philanthropy sometimes contradicts the theory of scientific giving. Religiously motivated philanthropy is generally looking to address the immediate needs of the poor while scientific giving looks to address the causes of poverty (Seelarbokus, 2016). While the motivation for scientific giving is admiral, it can shift the focus from the needs of the individual to their eligibility for assistance with those needs (Seelarbokus, 2016). The literature…

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