Essay about Religion And Culture And Religious Values

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I was born in a family who is respectful of cultural and religious values because both religion and culture have an important place in human life. I was raised according to the precepts of the Scriptures, where everything I do, I mean all my actions should be consistent and in accordance with the biblical or Koranic laws. Indeed, I have parents who originally are from different cultures. Both of my parents come from two different countries and I was so lucky to grow up in divers’ cultures and religious faiths. I had the chance to see my father being the head of the household and see my mom to advise and assist him in his decisions. They always included us in making their decision because we are family. The way I grew up has certainly shaped my sexual orientation. Whether I 'm straight now may be a lifestyle choice but also an unconscious constraint by growing up in a family with straight parents. For me, the meaning of the couple falls within the communion of a woman and a man. I 've seen my parents living that way and I grew up in it like that. America gave me another view of the fact with the freedom of speech, religion and sexual orientation. I have nothing against gay people because I am open to any culture foreign to mine and I assimilate it very quickly. I have not sought to understand gay and bisexual people because I accept them as they are. Their uniqueness makes the difference and brings us together. Who am I to judge?
I think the fact for being a male of course…

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