Rush Home Road Analysis

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In life people often become victim to the forces beyond their control. But, in Lori Lansens “Rush Home Road” Adelaide Shadd overcomes the obstacles beyond her control by using her Romantic Relationships and her relationship with Sharla Cody. Ultimately, empowering herself so she is able to fight back the monsters of the past.
Love is one of the strongest forces that allow Addy to empower herself. She falls in love and lets other characters empower her, as a result empowering herself. Riley Rippey knowing Addys past makes her feel loved and accepted. For example, Addy begins to think that she is a burden towards Riley but he reassures her that he does not want her to leave and makes her feel accepted:
“You remind me of my brother, Riley, you
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Sharla showed her kindness and made her happy. Sharla gives Addy the love and company she desperately needed. For example, Addy begins to realize how lonely her life was before Sharla became a part of it. She thought about the fact how no one knew her. “Not until the Lord sent Sharla Cody did Addy realize just how lonely she’d been since Mose. Not until she embraced the child that first time did she realize it had been decades since she’d smelled skin and felt fresh. For the longest time, it had been just Addy and the moon” (495). Sharla gives Addy the comfort of another person in her lonely life. Addy did not realize how lonely she was after Moses death until she felt the love and embrace of Sharla. For the first time in a long time, Addy did not have to face the “Scary” moon alone. Sharla empowered Addy and gave her a sense of hope in her old age. Not only did Addy receive company from Sharla, she received another child. Addy gets a third chance at parenting with Sharla. For instance, Sharla went ahead of Addy and picked up some berries that did not belong to her. Addy teaches her not to steal. ““that’s stealing same as if you go in the store and put a thing in your pocket without paying” Sharla stuffed the berries into her mouth before they could get taken away. “Ain’t right to steal, Sharla.”” (114). Due to the fact Sharla not having a responsible mother figure to teach her from wrong and right, Sharla commits unethical actions. Addy also not having a mother figure during the difficult times in her life relates to Sharla. She steps up as the mother figure and teaches Sharla about manners. Sharla later showcases all these new manners at the dinner table while Otis was being rude. ““Look how nice Sharla’s eating. See how nice Sharla’s manners are?” Sharla decided to be helpful. “See, Otis? See how I put the peas in my mouth, then I chew with my mouth closed. See?” She chewed and

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