Relationship Between Theology And Natural Science Essay

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4. Analysis of Keller’s Assimilationist View of the Relationship between Theology and Natural Science Based on aforementioned discussions, I notice that Keller acknowledges that there is not only consistency but also autonomy to a certain degree between theology and science. To be specific, for Keller, while claiming for “the reconciliation of religion and science” , she sees that theology has its own right in presenting the seemingly impersonal infinity of the cosmos as the creation of the interpersonal God of infinite love. In this way, theology can complement natural science in its own right. Also, Keller engages with diverse Judeo-Christian materials ranging from Scriptural traditions to medieval Jewish mysticism, such as her “Tehomic theology” on the Genesis creation narrative and her perspective of creation ex profundis based on the medieval Jewish mysticism. Here, we see that Keller keeps the autonomy of theology in her research through engaging with theological traditions. However, the essential interpretive lens for Keller’s theology in her engagement with the theological writings certainly is the discoveries of natural science. In this theological method, theology tends to be assimilated to natural sciences. The consistency between the two disciplines also leads to the reduction of the unparalleled special divine actions - such as the incarnation of the Son and his resurrection – to metaphors for natural occurrences and common experiences…

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