Essay about Relationship Between The Usa And Pakistan Since 2001

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Analyse the relationship between the USA and Pakistan since 2001.

After September 11, 2001 the US and Pakistan started to work as closely allies against war on terror. However, this alliance has seen several setbacks, especially during last four years. Alexander Evans description about the US and Pakistan relations during last decade may give the best impression: “These two countries have at times been close, at others distant, alternately cultivating or compromising each other.“ This essay will focus on the US and Pakistan relations after 2001, on those closest and distant times, about highlights and low points through examples.

After 9/11 attacks in the US, Pakistan and the US have been working together as closest allies against war on terror. Firstly, relations between those two states were promising. In 2003 President George W. Bush outlined three issues that were of paramount American interest in Pakistan: terrorism, nuclear proliferation and democratization. In 2004, the US named Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally to States. This year may be outlined as a highlight in the US and Pakistan relations. Based on those public information shares one may say that relations were generally good from 2001 until 2004.

There were already some misunderstandings in the beginning. After agreement, Pakistan started aggressively to fight against terrorists. At the same time, Pakistan itself suffered the most from the war on terror resulting thousands of military and civilian…

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