Relationship Between Society And Myself Using My Social Identity

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My Social Identity
Society as whole is made of individuals each living their day-to-day lives with there own social identities. Those social identities correlate directly to cotemporary sociological perspectives. Most of theses people go on unaware of these perspectives with an everyday taken-for-granted perspective. In this paper I will go into a deeper investigation of the relationship between society and myself using my social identity. The status set I will use to examine these contemporary sociological perspectives include the statuses of sister, daughter, student, driver and friend. The four contemporary sociological perspectives I will further explore using this status set are functionalism, conflict theory, feminist theories, and symbolic interaction.
Functionalism as a Sister
Functionalism is defined as “a complex system of interdependent parts that work together in a society to ensure a society’s survival” (Benokraitis, 2014,p. 13). Given the ascribed status as the oldest sister out of three girls, I have a designated role set the at includes lots of roles that include being kind to my two sisters and making lunch for them when my mom is at work. This precisely connects to functionalism because for the relationship between the three of us is the equivalent to society in the definition of functionalism and the interdependent parts are my sisters and I. To further explain, as interdependent parts, my sisters and I must all work together in being kind to one another…

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