Personal Experiences And Relationships

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Relationships, with one’s self and others can be a source of great satisfaction, inclusive learning, and often a place of profound depth as well as a deep, heart opening experience.

I maintain that the connection with one’s self, taking into consideration the fact that we have been fully programmed by our family of origin, our society, religion and culture, is the first and primary relation that impacts all others.

I maintain that if we are truly inner-connected, meaning we are aware of our needs our thoughts, desires, fully aware of our shadow self; the place where we hide what we can’t accept about who we are, and aware of all our emotions, not just the one’s that society, religion, culture, and families deem worthy, but all our emotions.
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Some of these clients have been especially disturbed around the notion of answerability, the idea of one being fully liable for their behavior. Many of us have developed a certain amount of accountability, at least to others, yet still have trouble holding our selves answerable for the ways we treat our selves, our bodies, our minds, and our hearts which are often abandoned by us. While still others seem to be more like foreigners when it comes to seeing the impact their behavior has on their loved ones and them …show more content…
I enjoy using my detective abilities, scanning the entire issue, dissecting the full conflict, where it started, why, where it leads, why, and how to navigate stealthily through the tricks, the illusions, and the fears that can immobilize us into non-action, this is thoroughly satisfying for me. The goal of such a session is to empower one once again by connecting them with the authority and livelihood, the truth and purity, of their emotions that never lie.

What I know is that without commitment to thorough accountability even when it hurts to acknowledge one 's responsibility, yet to do so is a testament of self love, without the courage of conviction to be impeccably accountable for one 's actions, all of them, there is no honesty, no authentic intimacy, and no hope, for a real and lasting bridge, providing a beautiful path to the unfathomable, opulent, depths of human

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