Essay on Relationship Between Science And Religion

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One of the persistent fields of study in history is the examination of the relationship between religion and science-- a subject that has been the topic of inquiry since the beginnings of science as natural philosophy to science as it exists now. One model that has come to predominate the modern understanding of how the two interact is the conflict thesis, or that there is a fundamental incompatibility between science and religion, and that warfare between the two is inevitable. Through the lens of this model and the modern perception of science and religion, it is easy to find examples that would seem to support this idea-- such as the trial of Galileo, the Scientific Revolution and the subsequent Age of Enlightenment resulting from it-- and prove this thesis. However, with all of these examples, there are many elements that prevent this assertion from being wholly accurate-- the notion that the two are conflicting is a simplification of a much more complicated interaction. A more thorough analysis shows that the relationship between science and religion in the period from the seventeenth to eighteenth centuries was much more complex than a simple conflict-- and that, among other factors, political elements played an immense role in the interaction between the two-- making it not purely an interaction between science and religion. Of particular focus are two cases: the Galileo affair, used now as a strong example of conflict between the two, and the Enlightenment, where…

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