Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships Essay

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When you meet someone, you never realize the immense impact that they may have on you or your future. I meet Cody in 7th grade and attended school with him for 5 years. During that time, there wasn’t any sort of communication between us and we were barely acquaintances. I focused on my studies and tried to become the best student that I could possibly be. There were no time for boys and my parents never failed to remind me of that. It wasn’t until my senior year when a mutual friend had brought us together and it slowly progressed into a romantic relationship. Since then, we have been dating for over a year. Our relationship is characterized by numerous ups and downs. We have faced many difficulties in our interpersonal relationship and were able to channel that into something positive rather than negative. Our struggles had strengthened our relationship and commitment to one another.
According to Guerrero, romantic relationships are defined by “deeper bonds characterized by attachment, caring, and interdependence” (188). Couples share their dreams, vulnerabilities, and help each other grow. By defining the relationship verbally and he asking me to become his girlfriend, there was clarity on both sides. In our relationship, we care if each other is hurt or unhappy. After I had failed my test and was completely distraught, my boyfriend, Cody, had bought me food, cuddled with me, and made me laugh the entire night. His attitude was not dismissive, rather it was supportive and…

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