Essay about Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships

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In early adulthood, many males and females find themselves in a variety of roles. While familial ties and friendships are often the bulk of these roles, young adults may also become half of a romantic relationship with another person. During such a relationship, two adults may share intimate feelings that lead to love. As with other relationships, romance can hit bumps in the road that lead to disagreements over beliefs, situations, and feelings. Throughout this analysis, I will examine two case studies involving two couples who have encountered problems that they cannot agree on solving and provide advice for resolving the issues in each situation. To begin, the first case study involves a young, recently engaged couple, Tyrone (25 years old) and La’Chantee (22 years old). In anticipation of marriage, Tyrone wants La’Chantee to move in with him. He believes that cohabitation will reveal a sneak peek of what their marriage will be similar to after tying the knot. On the other hand, La’Chantee thinks that cohabitation would test her values and belief system. She is very close to her parents, who both disagree with two people living together before marriage. Tyrone wants La’Chantee to stand up to her parents and become more independent in order to focus on furthering their relationship, but La’Chantee is hesitant to go against her parents’ wishes. Notably, cohabitation occurs when two people devoted to one another decide to live together in order to further their romantic…

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