Relationship Between Literature And Language

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Literature and language are not only linked but also inter-related. Literature pre-supposes language because it is with the mechanism of language that Literature is concretized. Thus, it sounds absurd to study. Literature without language at the centre stage or to study language without Literature playing a prominent role. It is based on this view that the link between Literature and language is very well described as symbiotic. The symbiotic relationship between Literature and language can be best described in the words of Willmott (1979, p. 57)
Literature work is an organisation for all reading ages of language to which linguistic awareness must be applied to understand and appreciate. In the process the students acquires significant practical
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Therefore, literature expresses language in work places. As well as it helps the students to use language; it offers good models and stimulates linguistic reactions of several types. English teachers not only demonstrate literature; they also exploit it, because it can generate language as well as characterize it. Literature is deep-rooted in language and language gets life through Literature. So Literature and language is closely connected. Lazar (1993), believes that because Literature is a motivating tool for language attainment and it should be used with students because students enjoy it, and it is a fun, it is found in many syllabuses. Literature is a suitable foundation of matter for a progress in transcontinental language, offers fascinating materials for language teaching. Wilkins (1978) posits that reading can provide a ready means for the acquisition of vocabulary and effective writing in a second language. The source further states that reading brings to the reach of the learner large repertoires of lexical items in their natural linguistic contexts. Wilkins’ argument that reading facilitates acquisition of vocabulary is very much strong because the hallmark of any effective writing is

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