The Ghetto And The Criminal Justice System

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America’s “fear of crime” has led to today’s warehouse prisons, entrusted to enclose underclass minority groups, systematically caught in a symbiosis of the ghetto and prison; both, institutions of forced confinement designed to neutralize the threat outcasts pose to society (Wacquant, 2010). This, then, has developed a state, whereas the symbiotic relationship between the ghetto and the criminal justice system are the instruments by which the elite control the poor. Largely, due to socioeconomic and institutional manipulation of powerful elites that accentuate the inmate disparity. And so, inevitably accentuates to residential instability, family disruption and economic inequality that marginalize the poor. Unequivocally, constraining the …show more content…
Yet, despite past attempts to escape the ferocity of Jim Crow laws from which they fled, have been sown back in the larger society; and as the intersection of white and black neighborhoods have risen, so has white animosity toward black Americans, they perceive as, ‘mentally unfit,’ ‘entirely irresponsible,’ and therefore ‘undesirable as neighbors’ (Wacquant, 2010: 102). As a result, racial tensions have since increased, and helped perpetuate patterns of segregation; hardened in housing, schooling, and public accommodations; and extended into polity, where white-machines set job ceilings so as to keep blacks entrenched in poverty (Wacquant, 2010: 102). At this extreme, blacks have sought refuge and adapted to the bounded perimeter of the Black Belt; relied on alternative forms for economic gains; and developed separate institutions to procure the basic needs of a castaway community, in essence, the ghetto has become a hermetic city within a white society. In this regard, the ghetto is not just a conglomerate of poor socioeconomic conditions, but an apparatus to control disreputable and dangerous racial minorities, in such a way that the ghetto is a social prison; a place incapacitates blacks through socioeconomic deprivation, ecological disrepair and social destitution. Ghettoization, therefore, is a system that encages dishonored populations, namely, poor blacks, effectively reducing their life chances. In this way, the ghetto serves to protect larger society from being tainted from the groups it

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