Relationship Between Father And Children In Vowell's Arm Wrestling With My Father

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The contrasting and comparison of both stories, show the relationship of both their father and child facing difficulties such as different opinion on each other and on their ideas. In Manning’s essay,” Arm Wrestling with My Father” he explains a story about his complicated relationship with his father as they both show their bonds with games of strength such as arm wrestling. At first the son views the arm wrestling 's as obstacles he must face, however as the son and father progress, the son changes his views on the arm wrestling 's as ways that the son and father bond. For Vowell’s essay,” Shooting Dad” she shows the distance her father and her have as they both grow different views of morals and interest. However, as the story continues, …show more content…
Manning shows the readers that sometimes you can reach misunderstanding with the most important person, but once overcoming the challenge, both parties can come to a reaching conclusion with each other. What Manning had to do in order to really reach his father’s he had to beat his father in an arm wrestling match, in which he was conflicted on whether to continue the father’s winning streak or to defeat his father in such activity and showing how strong he is mentally and physically now. He chooses to defeat his father, showing his father how much he has changed now as well as showing the father they are now equals. Vowell’s case had a different method of showing her father by giving into the families’ hobbies. At first she despises guns and the sounds of them as both her sister and father find enjoyment in the booming of fire arms. Once she decided to embrace the father’s activities, she was able to bond with him and even commenting “Nice shot” in which goes against her nature. Then a man points out to Vowell, saying nice equipment, making her realize she was just like her father, both obsessed with objects that please them. She is able to accept the act she is similar and she grows to relate to her father as well as showing her love for her father, even after

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