Relationship Between Denmark And Sweden Essay

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Many Pakistani families who travel between Denmark and Sweden are in a constant struggle, because Pakistani couples that one of them is a non-citizen are not allowed to live in Denmark right away. Many of these Pakistani couples have an arranged marriage often to someone they are already related to in some form, “Zagib…had married Sara, his paternal cousin, in Pakistan in 2004.” (PG.91) But if the spouse is not a Denmark citizen it makes the marriage difficult because the other non-citizen spouse may not become a citizen right away. So many couples have thought about moving to Sweden but it’s a tradition to live near one’s immediate family in the Pakistani families. Thus, these Pakistani families have a dilemma. In the article, “Semi-Legal Life: Pakistani Couples in the Borderlands of Denmark and Sweden,” Mikkel Rytter examines family relationships during migration and the problems associated with Denmark.”…Danish government introduced new legislation on family reunification to restrict the transnational arranged marriages’. (PG. 91) Some Pakistanis seem not to be paying attention to all the citizenship requirements Denmark. Even though some are against waiting for marriage, which means living, and being apart one family said it was hard on their marriage and the wife that is a non-citizen of Denmark, was not accepted into family reunification, ”I was not ready for marriage at the time… I didn’t believe that it would affect me….” (PG. 101) The unwelcome alternative is to…

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