Relationship Between Culture and the Clinical Practice of Psychological Assessment

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The purpose of the present study was to examine the relationship between culture and the clinical practice of psychological assessment. Over the past decade, psychologists have come under criticism for maintaining a mainstream cultural status quo in clinical practice. In particular, indigenous peoples throughout the world have pointed out that clinical psychologists, in both research and practice, have not successfully been able to understand or deliver culturally appropriate services due to Psychology's entrenched, Western European, ethnocentric perspective. In order to understand the difficulties that psychologists might face in performing assessments on people of First Nations heritage, a collaborative research project was undertaken …show more content…
Being part of the third world, the human development index (HDI) of the vast majority of African countries is low. Conditions of extreme poverty and severe malnutrition are not uncommon, while the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow. Readers are encouraged to expand their knowledge of the African continent by visiting the website of the Africa Institute (, which provides valuable information regarding the political, socio-economic, international and developmental issues facing contemporary Africa.
Given that Africa is a continent of great contrasts, any attempt to present African issues in a collective way runs the risk of failure. Keeping this in mind, this paper will map out the core ethical issues related to psychological testing that I have experienced (so far) as a psychologist living and working in Africa. What I have learned has come from assessing children, adolescents, and adults in Africa (and primarily in South Africa); dialoguing with colleagues, students, educationalists, employers, and key community informants; and from the writings of cross-cultural scholars in Africa and elsewhere in the world. Nonetheless, I am aware that although the map of the territory that I will provide you with should help you to conceptualize the ethical considerations encountered when practicing psychological testing in Africa, the map is essentially my map of the territory. It

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