Essay Relationship Between Anxiety And Relationship Commitment

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The success of a relationship requires that each partner understands the individual differences of the other. The characteristics of one partner’s personality may cause conflict in a relationship so therefore, understanding these aspects will more likely lead to conflict resolution. Two variables that may relate to each other are commitment and anxiety. Many scientists have attempted to identify a link between anxiety and relationship commitment and the link remains unclear. It is important to find the effects of these variables because they may help partners approach and understand conflicts. Commitment is important for the success of relationships and it is therefore important to determine characteristics that may increase or decrease commitment.
Recent research focuses on the anxious attachment style and how it relates to relationship commitment. Some topics these studies highlight are what factors contribute to the relationship between the two variables and what behaviors are associated amongst partners with an anxious attachment style.
Samantha Joel and colleagues explain that the relationship between anxious attachment and relationship commitment is complicated. They hypothesized that individuals who are anxiously attached want to have high commitment but pressures of dissatisfaction and low felt security affect their commitment. After their study, they confirmed that their hypothesis predicted that there are factors that act simultaneously on the relationship…

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