Sheldon Cooper Character Analysis

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Big Bang Theory Application Paper Sheldon Cooper is one of the main characters in the Television Series The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is about a girl named Penny, who moves into an apartment across the hall from two genius physicists (Belyeu, 2007). This television show displays the lives of these three people and their friends inside and outside of their workplace, as well as their personal lives (Belyeu, 2007). Sheldon Cooper, one of the brilliant physicists of The Big Bang Theory, is a young adult who starts out in the series as socially awkward but becomes more social as the series progresses. Sheldon also struggles understanding human emotions but later becomes more open minded, despite still holding on to his egotistical views. Despite many of Sheldon’s negative behaviors and attitudes, he will attempt to console a person when he sees that someone is in need of help or distressed, which shows that he does feel some compassion (Belyeu, 2007). The developmental psychology theories that will be applied to Sheldon Cooper’s character development are Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory, attachment and romantic relationships, and Levinson’s Seasons of Life. Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory of intimacy versus isolation talks about how a person is psychologically conflicted on how they feel and think about a long-term …show more content…
Sheldon had a childhood hero named Professor Proton, and in times when he is uncertain about some life decisions, Professor Proton comes into his dreams and helps guide him (Beyleu, 2007). In the episode, “The Opening Night Extinction,” Sheldon recently gets back with his girlfriend, Amy, and struggles with making a decision of if he should spend Amy’s birthday with her or at a Star Wars movie with his friends (Ferrari et al., Cendrowski 2015). Professor Proton later appears in Sheldon’s dreams to help guide him to spend Amy’s special day with

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