Relationship Between Adult Decisions Makers And Adult Decision Makers

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and relationships to adult decision makers” (Ableidinge, J. Case A., Paxson, C., 2004, p.483-508).
Living with one parent causes the child to feel rejected by the other parent, especially when the other parent is not supporting them financially or emotionally. Spending time with a child is actually more important than giving them money. They want to feel wanted and secure. For example, if the mom works and cannot go to the school and have Thanksgiving dinner with their child but the father does not work and does not show up for his child, that child hurts inside, although sometimes it does not show on the outside. They are crying on the inside because the child sees other parents eating with their children. Over time, this causes depression in children. Their grades began to fail and they feel “down” all the time. In some cases, they may harm themselves if proper treatment is not sought. Depression in parents is more severe. No parent wants to see their child hurt or suffer, nor do they want their children to see them depressed. At times these parents are so depressed that they have to seek counseling or guidance from pastors or other Christian leaders. This depression can lead to them hurting themselves or even others. This is when family therapy is necessary.
After interviewing a male and female in an effort to see what a day in poverty as a single parent is like, it was concluded that the other parent was deceased. They now are primary breadwinners…

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