Essay on Relations Between Lingerie, Feminism And Post Feminism

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The relations between lingerie, feminism and post-feminism.
This essay seeks to explore the phenomenon of antagonistic relationship between underwear and feminism, and discuss the role of lingerie in post-feminism. Since underwear has become a necessity and even designed as outerwear, like fashion, it has reflected females constructing their identity by wearing and buying different types of lingerie. ‘ Fashion is a reflection of social, economic, political, and cultural changes, but also that fashion expresses modernity and symbolizes the spirit of the times’. (Laver 1937; Blumer 1969; Lehmann, 2000). Today, the function of bra has become a controversial issue, feminists regard underwear as the product derived from the male-dominated culture, which constructs females body in ideal shape to fit the standard of beauty, it had reflected in feminism movement such as the Miss America Pageant protest, some of the protesters burned their bras to prove a statement and made a stand for women’s right. To understand and reveal the reason of lingerie being a statement of feminism is one of the concerns in this thesis as well as examines the reasons for females wearing underwear from past to now, and whether wearing a bra anti-feminist, which bring out the terms of a neoliberal discourse of post-feminism.

Research question:

The reasons and impacts of underwear being associated with feminism and post-feminism.

- Why do people wear underwear and stop wearing a bra?
- Is wearing a bra…

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