Reinventing The Feminist : Why Our Sons Can Not Be Left Behind

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Reinventing the Feminist: Why our sons cannot be left behind
It seems that today that is all that is talked about, how girls should rule the world, girls can be powerful, and the girls need to shatter that glass ceiling. Society wants our girls to change the world, to be powerful, and at some times be soupier. When parenting a daughter, these concepts for growing a strong, independent woman are beneficial, but what about parenting a son? Today, it appears, that the world is really a bad place to grow up being a boy. The boys are seen as masculine, boys are strong, boys have no feelings, boys are the reason girls are put down, and girls must defeat the boys! The reality is, while more girls attempt suicide, boys age 15 to 19 are four times more likely to succeed in killing themselves than girls are (Conley, 2015. p.306), but somehow that is overlooked by the millennial generation.
Saying that boys may need some type of help has a negative connotation, labeling those who try to help the boys as misogynistic, and claim that boys have no right to the same opportunities as girls because boys were the reason girls were repressed in the first place. We are quick to spout statistics about how boys are called on more in class, and interrupt girls more often than the reverse (Conley 2015, p 307). Yet when a boy finally acts the way a girl wants him to behave, he is ridiculed by his peers. This is not what we should be striving to be, we should be striving toward equality, and to…

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