Rehabilitation Vs. Punishment Essay

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Vanson Ma
ENGL 2000

Rehabilitation vs. Punishment
As Americans, we are very proud of our freedom. Ironically, the “land of the free” has more people imprisoned in proportion to its population than any other developed country in the world. There are over 2 million prisoners throughout the United States, and approximately 750,000 of them will be released within the year. With the current methods in place in the prison system, most offenders will likely fall back into the same way of life that originally landed them in jail. In fact, roughly two-thirds of prisoners being released today will end up back in prison within the next three years (Petersilia). This not only affects the families and lives of those serving behind bars, but it also directly affects the lives of everyone in society. In addition to the obvious public safety concerns that arise from having repeat offenders amongst the general population, there is also an economic burden placed on society by these individuals. Clearly, we are in dire need of an effective method to rectify the habits and mentalities of these inmates. Rehabilitation programs should be implemented for prisoners being released back into the community. In addition to providing a more cost-effective alternative to incarceration, these programs could potentially transform offenders into responsible, productive members of society.
Programs ranging from drug and alcohol treatment to helping further education and acquiring trades for future…

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