Regulatory: Health Care and Joint Commission Essay

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Regulatory Agency Paper
HCS/430 Version Five College of Natural Sciences Legal Issues in Health Care:
Regulation and Compliance
October 14, 2013

Regulatory Agency Paper The industry in healthcare requires that its foundation in leadership is to follow procedures, rules, and regulations, which will help an organization, succeed in their leadership role in healthcare. This paper will identify important aspects of governmental or other agency such as Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) that governs the health care industry or a particular segment of the industry. In addition, this paper will also identify the Joint Commission on the Accreditation
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However, if the organization provide high standard in patient care and they perform them well then the patient will have good experience in the outcome of patient care. Moreover, The Joint Commission creates standards in collaboration with experts in healthcare, measurement experts, providers, consumers and purchasers.
Example of the Agency Carrying Out Its Duties

Examples that The Joint Commission has when carry out their duties is that they provide assessment of the health care facility or organization that are in compliance with the standards and how they perform. As a result, The Joint Commission will assess the organization compliance with values and their fundamental of performance. “The Joint Commission assess the organization’s compliance with standards based on: Patient and staff interviews about actual practice, Performance improvement data/trends, verbal information provided to the Joint Commission by key organizational leaders, and , On-site observations by Joint Commission surveyors” (The Joint Commission, 2013).

Regulatory Authority Relation to Health Care

The regulatory authority that The Joint Commission has in relation to health care is that they maintain a list of agencies throughout the state that will identify accreditation/certification throughout the United States health care facilities. For

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