Regina Police Service 's Mission Statement Essay example

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Interview Assignment
The Regina Police Service (RPS) has illustrated its commitment to the public in it’s mission, vision and value statements. The Regina Police Service’s mission statement is public service first. This can be seen in many of the service’s units, including the victim service unit. The vision statement of RPS is “Working together to keep Regina Safe” (Regina Police Service, n.d.). The RPS website goes into greater detail as to their explanation of the vision statement, stating “public safety is the primary goal of the Regina Police Service” (Regina Police Service, n.d). Regina Police Service has listed their values as “Respectful, Professional, and Service” (Regina Police Service, n.d). The values statement is reflected in both the mission and vision statement as they are all written with one common interest; the pubic. RPS has employed both civilian and sworn members to aid the public in criminal matters throughout the city. This paper will look at the victim services unit employed by the Regina Police Service, as well as provide insight and first-hand experience with a Aboriginal Resource Officer of the Regina Police Service.
The Regina Police Service hired James Williams as the first constable of Regina on July 19, 1892. Williams’ duties according to RPS (n.d.) were to keep disorderly people under control, control roaming livestock, ring the town bell 4 times throughout the day, enforce sanitation laws, and impound stray animals…

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