Refugee Aid : An Humanitarian Organization Essay

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It is commonly thought that a refugee is defined as a person forced to flee from their own habitat due to armed conflicts or severe natural disaster. Refugee aid is the humanitarian response to such disasters that have caused the lack of fresh drinking water, hygiene, accommodations, safety and the growth of illnesses that can place lives in mortal danger. Principally, humanitarian support in such chaotic conditions centers on preventing death, giving assistance and safety measures for those compelled to desert their usual residences. Aid to refugees is usually depicted as a charitable mission to the displaced. People are generally forced into refugee status due to an armed struggle resulting from the abuse of power and political authority that is clearly the result of political situations. However, there is no greater need for refugee assistance than ensuring that schools remain open and functioning for displaced children trapped in refugee circumstances. As a result, fundamental education has become known as an important humanitarian human right equivalent to fresh drinking water, proper cleanliness, proper nourishment, sanctuary and asylum. Nonetheless, the provision of teaching in refugee emergencies drives humanitarian missions further than just medicinal efforts and sustenance to protect life. It has transformed aid services from not only providing physical medical assistance and sanctuary but also the provision of intellectual assistance meant to ensure that children…

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