Reforming The Education System Education Essay examples

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Reforming the education system to decrease the gap in public education Since the beginning of desegregation, the government has tried to shrink the disproportion of achievement levels between white and minority pupils in the public school systems. Although the efforts to make the education system an equal opportunity for all students has had many ups and downs, such as minority students scoring lower than white students. For example, African-American students has consistently scored lower on standardize test than most white students. The education system is not equal for all students because a great deal of minority pupils are culturally deprived, live on low socioeconomic levels, and have parents who lack a proper education. The government has placed many provisions into place for schools and teachers to be accountable for student achievement, such as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). As Komatsu stated in his research, in a proportional education, the education system assumed that policy leaders adopt global reform models the same purpose they desire to enhance the international recognition of the nation-state-legitimacy (2013). This in turn makes the nations education system more competitive than effective and efficient. Since the government efforts to put man into space, the nations education systems has consistently been in the crossfire of the United States and other nations. The U.S. government has pushed the advancement of the nations…

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