Reflective Report On My Experience Essay example

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This reflective report documents my experiences during my time studying MKTG304. Throughout this time, I have selected some skills and capabilities that are aligned with my strengths and capabilities. My pre-activity self-rating has allowed me to reflect on these strengths and capabilities and thus have rated myself from E (unsatisfactory) to A (Excellent). From this activity, I had given myself time to work on these capabilities, so that towards the end of MKTG304 I can rate myself again, to show whether I had improved or worsened on my capabilities. This report will firstly outline my three chosen evidences, showing how I’ve used my time to work on building my capabilities, and explaining how they are relevant to potential future employers. Secondly, using the reflective cycle proposed by Gibb (1998) (Skills for Learning, 2015), I’ll further analyse the evidence more in depth that has been used during the process of my self-assessment. Lastly, my experiences and personal changes at university will be integrated within the concluding section of the report.

Diagnose and solve problems
Being able to identify problems is one thing, but understanding why and how they occurred in the first place is another thing. My first evidence that’s provided in this reflection are some photos that indicate how I’ve approached my first capability (See Appendix A). The first few photos show my thought process when I’m faced with the first task in producing a multimedia video for my first…

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