The Mexican Feminist Movement

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I was raised in a Mexican household, since my sisters and I were born in the United States, we added the Mexican-American twist to our family. Yet, our form of living was always centralized around traditional Mexican culture. I grew up admiring the representation of my mother, a woman of high values and very strong character. Although I saw my mother as a self sufficient woman, as I grew up I began to see that she was divided between being a woman and representing her culture. On one hand, my mother understood the division of men and women and always made my sister and I aware of it. Yet, she never failed to follower her traditions. Although she wasn’t one to remain quiet, she allowed for my father to decide over her, she wasn’t allowed to …show more content…
I have been impacted, yet, empowered by the different cultures, people and backgrounds I have seen. One which has had the most impact on me has been the feminist movement. I would define feminism as a the pursuit of gender equality and dismantling of the patriarchy. Therefore, a feminist would be described as a person who fights for the equity of gender, acknowledging the existence of intersectionality that lies within different women based on race, class, gender and sexuality. Acknowledging that there’s different backgrounds and different experiences helps us understand that there’s different values and characteristics that make up this term. The word feminist, serves as an umbrella to the different classifications, a woman of color living in rural areas will have different values compared to a woman living in urban United States. Yet, the values of pursuing equity, educating and reinforcing the importance of women within society remain stagnant throughout all feminist. Just like values are different, so are actions. In some parts of the world women might be rioting with a hunger strike for equal pay while across the world others might be conducting an assembly to fight for reproductive rights. The plans of action vary, yet, all actions are similar with the purpose of unity and having our voices heard to break down gender barriers. Roxana Gay takes her readers through the journey of the evolving feminist woman through her book Bad Feminist. The books serves to give insight of what a means to be a feminist but most importantly what it means within society and within our culture. Not only does the book educate but embraces through her tittle what might be seen as a double negative connotation into a positive and empowering form of

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