Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Article: We Should All Be Feminist

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In the article “We Should All Be Feminists,” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about what is wrong with today's norms that are set around gender and the word feminism.This article confirms most of my thoughts on the stereotype associated with feminism, but fails to give the point of view from a male feminist which is much different. Adichie does a great job of pointing out the problem of discrimination towards women and, even more so, women that identify as feminist, but doesn't go into detail on how to go about being the change.
In her article, Adichie tells stories of how she ran into many problems with saying she is a feminist, such as, being seen as a woman who is always “ angry” and “doesn't have a sense of humor”. She has come to realize that being a feminist is seen as a bad thing to most people. She explained that she isn't an unhappy person, but that she just wants equal rights for women and draw attention to oppression of woman that is still ongoing. She also talks about the
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They will eventually be made aware of these gender norms. Some, if not most, will accept these norms and, adversely, won't be making much of a change. This does not mean I disagree with Adichie. I just think that it is more deeply set in our society and we have to develop different ways of bringing about change. In this quote, Adichie talks about many of the ways kids are raised to think a certain way because of their gender “ We raise girls to see each other as competitors --not for jobs or accomplishments, which in my opinion can be a good thing-- but for the attention of men”(page ). I agree with her on this point. We do raise our kids to follow certain gender norms that they will see in their life. But, I think we also need to stop these norms in social environments, as well, so that these norms will be cut out of society and not taught

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