Reflective Essay On Darwinism

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One of the biggest contributions to the effects of Darwinism in humans may, arguably, be our psychological complexes, one of the most prevalent of which being the teenage invincibility complex. As teenagers, we, consumed with the ideas of thrill seeking and reckless enjoyment, adopt the philosophy that we are above harm and immune to danger, boosting our confidence and making us more apt to take risks. Of course, I am no different. I possess the same clouded logic and nativity as many others my age. I have also experienced many events and series of events that have affirmed and challenged my own individual invincibility complex. Over the last few years, from getting my license to enjoying time with my friends and even the passing away of a …show more content…
We travelled together to sports games and even accompanied each other on routine errands to Wal Mart or for food. Countless hours of what seemed like killing time at Dillon’s turned out to be some of my cherished memories of the last year. We often gave each other a hard time, but it only brought us closer in the end. We could all agree that we had created something great, something that we could be proud of, this group chat was our baby. Our group grew and welcomed more people as this amazing creation we had became even bigger than we could have ever imagined. We had many ups and downs and made impacts on each other that changed each other for the better, but no impact could have been greater than what took place in the Spring of 2016. We thought we were so creative having a group chat court when a member of the chat committed “group chat treason” the punishment was an open season of “roasting” because what could possibly go wrong? We were good kids, nothing bad would ever happen. But, it inevitably did. We indulged in the moment becoming more outrageous as the grey chat bubbles flew up on the screen at rapid pace that night. In a moment of ignorance and naivety, we failed to see the potential consequences of our actions. A looming suspension failed to carry any weight or significance with me. However, I would punish myself in a different fashion. My heart firmly lodged at the bottom of my stomach, I was overwhelmed with the possibility of losing one of my best friends. I had hurt him more than I could ever imagine and I could never go back to how it was before. Luckily, like many times before, we were pulled somehow even closer as a friend group. We all realized how much we valued each other and that we wouldn’t be around and with each other forever. My views on life were shifted to a point where invincibility was no longer possible, yet I still possessed the philosophy that bad things happened, just

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