Reflection: Women's Studies

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When talking to my friends and family about classes, they are interested in that one class that stands out the most, Women’s Studies. Then the conversation gets deeper into what the class has learned so far, what feminism is and our opposing or similar views on the subject. Specifically this time I asked certain questions such as “how they defined feminism? “, “What they thought Women’s Studies was?” and “How have they experienced power, privilege or oppression in their life?” The official definition of feminism is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights/opportunities and organized activity in support of women 's rights and interests” (Feminism).
I asked my close friend, Justin Malave, on his belief and views on feminism.
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The fight for political individuality and handed-down information that dealt with the workplace, sexuality and family were the first and second waves of the women’s movement. The third is where the "Women 's movement and civil rights movement, struggled for the rights of people of color, women, poor, gay and lesbians... and fought to transform society through laws and policies as well as changes in attitudes and consciousness" ("Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions") It is during and after the women’s movement that feminism was …show more content…
When talking about Women’s Studies is, our opinions are very similar as well. He said it included “sexuality, race, class and the world” and I said it related to “sexism and ties that into racism, classism, lookism and heterosexism.” When talking about oppression Justin believed it was not specifically feminism that caused the oppression but the oppressors taking feminism wrongly. I thought I was not being oppressed by feminism but more oppressed by sexism and how my parents lack feminism in certain views. In a similar way, I believe that we both thought our oppression was the oppressor and there lack or wrong views on feminism. He had no comment on privilege because of feminism because he is a male and feminism is to become equal with men. Though men are treated better than women on salary and are not able to hit a glass ceiling, this would not directly relate to feminism but more sexism. Justin might see feminism as a misunderstood term because some people use it in the wrong fashion, such as women loving the female lifestyle and wanting to be better than men. Growing up in a period were women are still pushing to be equal with men and get rid of stereotypes towards them, it might come off as very needy for power and control. Feminism is also often confused for just accepting feminist ways also and liking the stereotypes that are already in place. Feminism needs to be understood

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