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I named the paper the feeling within because it all goes with how your mind and body work from my perspective. Starting from the beginning once we are born the world God, our surroundings, and our parents will shape us to the way we act as of today. God and my parents have blessed me with so many things that I am thankful for and the things that I don 't see. Life is made up of so many obstacles but it is up to us the make it though and how to get through it. For example how Adam and Eve made us the way we are because they ate the fruit that God told them not to eat, but they went ahead and did so that 's why we die and get sick and other things too.
Once I was born out of 7 million eggs I was already unique becoming the first boy out of my
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For those events it shaped to be a quick learner. My first birthday party was a Chuckie cheese during that year my mom was saying that people was going crazy because it was the first time that the computers and things will be turning into 2000 and at the time computers was new and people started to withdraw their money thinking that the computers will crash. While still little my family went to Disney Land and started moving from where we was living. The second and third party was at home have cake and ice cream with my family. When I was 4 years old I started attending private school in the preschool my first year of school I had my first girlfriend being the cutest girl in school and my class. That event shaped me to be a sweet talker and being a good friend and how to talk to people and trying not to be …show more content…
I seen many people I never seen and I have talked to a couple of times. I seen many things there that I have a slight memory about but it becoming my first time it was really fun. That trip made me push harder so I could enjoy trips like that and seeing other cultures made me more grow because I could of had to learn what they was saying with their accent. Also, that trip made me the person I am making me more of a family oriented. Making me start building bonds with people that I don 't see everyday. The next year after that I seen my grandmother from my dad, my family never came to her she always came to us, so going out there was different than I expected. Making me more as person see other things that I have seen before other than Los Angeles and England. I never had that grandmother and grandfather person in my life so like when I was watching shows and hearing I went to my grandfather I really didn 't have nothing like that to compare with. On my dad 's side my grandfather live in England and grandmother in Texas. On my mom side her mom passed away early in her so I never had to chance to her but I always did hear story her. My grandmother passed away when my mom was in the 9th grade. When we was going on that trip I asked my mom could we take the train so I could see the different places and they did so. On the train there I met this girl begot her name but still to this day6 I remember

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