Social Work Profession Paper

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March was Social Work month and Professor Pellicio discussed that our next paper is on the social work profession, and the due date is March 28th. He also explained that our mid-term grades are basically a snapshot of where we currently are in the class.
The class did a group exercise were we all got into a circle to introduce ourselves and state what we were going to do our paper on. It seemed (to me anyway) that most of the class was as confused, as I was, in regards to the exact topic of our paper. Professor Pellicio cleared it up as to what he is expecting.
The paper has to focus on what’s important to social work as a profession. Not to the students personally, but more so to the system as a whole. The professor stated that we should
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We gathered in groups to do a peer review of our social work profession paper. I paired up with Jessica and although she had a well written paper she had some confusion on the APA format. Jessica and I spent the majority of a Monday class in the computer lab across from the classroom going over the APA format.
Once we were finished, we returned to class. I asked Professor Pellicio to look at my paper so I could get his feedback on where to make improvements to my paper. I’m glad that I was given that opportunity to do so because my abstract was a little off and Professor explained to me how to improve on it.
I was absent from class on the evening 4/11/2016. When we were all given this assignment (The Social Work Profession) there was some confusion on the topic. Over the course of a couple weeks Professor Pellicio explained what he was expecting for the assignment.
After reviewing all of the power point presentations via blackboard. In my opinion, I believe that most everyone nailed the concept. There were presentations on Ethics, Core Values including Social Justice, Integrity and Competence, to name a few. An unbiased approach to Social Work, Social Welfare and Social Work, and the Core Principles of Social Work. I think everyone did a great job given such a broad
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This was a great way for me personally to learn about the history. Preparing my own personal presentation about The Orphan Trains was heartbreaking. It was very disheartening to read that children were taken away from their families, really having no idea what was going to take place, basically shipped to the Midwest, brought to a “town hall” and placed on display for families wanting to adopt these children, most siblings were adopted out separately. Some children were treated very well while others were treated

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