Reflection Paper On The Recording I Made May 28

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This self-reflection paper will examine my personal responses to the recording I made May 28, 2015, in which I answered questions regarding my understanding of my own racial identity, my experiences and images of specific racial groups, my attitudes about contemporary racial issues, and my hope for future social change. First, I will first consider my initial responses to the recording, then track my changes in understanding of my racial identity based on Sue’s White Racial Identity Development model (Sue, 2006). Next I will reflect on my changing understanding of institutional and systemic racism, and Finally, I will explore the evolution of my racial identity during this semester. Throughout the paper I will reference resources that have helped to shape my understanding.
Initial Responses to the Recording
The most prominent response I felt in listening to my original recording was sadness. I heard myself speaking so tentatively, so carefully, as if I was afraid of the consequences if someone happened to listen to my monologue and I hadn’t given the “right” answers. Looking back, I know I held a fear of being embarrassed and humiliated for my ignorance and blindness. I imagined being “schooled” by a very angry African American woman in a sort of Jerry Springer-type manner. Who this woman would be, I really don’t know. Certainly, no one in our class fits the image of my imagined accuser.
Another affect or emotion I noted in my responses was apathy. My answers seemed to be…

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