Reflection Paper On The Microbiology Class

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Unit Paper #2
“Look into my eyes, tell me what you see. You don’t see a damn thing because you can’t relate to me. You blinded by our differences. My life makes no sense to you. I’m the persecuted one. You the red, white, and blue” (Outlandish 2005). As Americans, we are given the privilege of not fearing for our lives every waking moment. For many of us, our biggest concerns are quite miniscule. For instance, my biggest concern at the moment is if I’m going to pass my microbiology class, and if I’ll find parking at the Nutwood structure before my 10 am class. For others, it’s if they will pay their bills on time or if they will surpass the 5 pm traffic on the 91 freeway. As troubling as these situations may seem, none of these amount to the pain and suffering the Palestinians have to endure for 67 years. The Palestinian people experience inhumane and deplorable living conditions and that can be considered almost impossible for an American individual to understand and comprehend. Therefore, for the purpose of this assignment, I have chosen to conduct research on the topic of “Occupied-Palestine and genocide”. In order to surpass the typical thinking or common belief regarding the Palestinian genocide, I’ll provide research and first-hand accounts from a variety of sources in order to answer the following questions. What is the Palestinian occupation? Why is the issue considered an illegal occupation and not an Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What is genocide?…

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