Interpersonal Experience In The Trauma Of War

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Alan Silva
Professor Gloria Bennett
November 27,2016

Not All Things Heal with Time
Some of the most painful injuries are not always visible; in fact, some of the most life debilitating injuries are the ones that cannot be seen, for they are the ones forever etched into the psyche. Depression, anger, fear, hopelessness, and isolation: these represent the gloomy colors that PTSD has chosen to carve into the canvas that is a victim’s mind using the stiff bristles of trauma. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental condition or injury that maims soldiers and civilians alike who have been dealt a bad hand in life and had to endure emotionally intense situations. Situations like these leave such devastating scars on the psyche
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For those combatants who are captured by the enemy, the trauma of war is compounded. War captivity comprises brutal torture, severe humiliation, and a prolonged and harsh deprivation of basic needs. Unlike other traumatic events, captivity is a highly intimate, interpersonal experience, with captors having total control over their prisoner. Captors make decisions about the life or death of the captive, and often deliberately inflict extreme physical and psychological pain aiming to break the captive’s spirit. The captive’s unique and complex interaction with the captor often leaves a detrimental imprint on the captive’s subsequent interpersonal relationships, particularly with regard to issues such as control, trust, and intimacy. …show more content…
Even though these forms of therapy differ they equally improve the the quality of life depending on the sufferer. PTSD will never dissipate from the world but that does not mean that its victims must suffer in silence. There is no need for them to drown their plight with with alcohol, or abuse prescription drugs from a healthcare provider, for there is always people that will help through the form of therapy. Sufferers cannot be forced to go to therapy because only they can decide when its time to seek help.


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